best of 2017: Editor's choice

Dear Reader,

Over the past year, CVIR was able to publish many outstanding papers in all fields of interventional radiology. These articles offered important updates to the IR community.

I have selected some of the most interesting articles published last year, aiming to give you another opportunity to read them and advance your understanding on the respective topics.

In the field of peripheral arterial interventions, these two papers gave special insights into PAD management:

Angiographic and Clinical Outcomes After Treatment of Femoro-Popliteal Lesions with a Novel Paclitaxel-Matrix-Coated Balloon Catheter
Tepe, G., Gögebakan, Ö., Redlich, U. et al.

Long-Term Results from the MAJESTIC Trial of the Eluvia Paclitaxel-Eluting Stent for Femoropopliteal Treatment: 3-Year Follow-up
Müller-Hülsbeck, S., Keirse, K., Zeller, T. et al.

We published numerous papers on chemoembolization, but I would like to draw particular attention to the following paper, because it examines the quality of life in HCC patients treated with chemoembolization:

Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treated with Initial Transarterial Chemoembolization
Hinrichs, J.B., Hasdemir, D.B., Nordlohne, M. et al.

Make sure not to miss this very interesting Laboratory Investigation on how to prepare the proper emulsion for TACE:


Parameters for Stable Water-in-Oil Lipiodol Emulsion for Liver Trans-Arterial Chemo-Eembolization
Deschamps, F., Moine, L., Isoardo, T. et al.

We must not forget about the radiation protection, a topic which is always a concern for all of us:


Personalized Feedback on Staff Dose in Fluoroscopy-Guided Interventions: A New Era in Radiation Dose Monitoring
Sailer, A.M., Vergoossen, L., Paulis, L. et al.

In addition, CVIR published four CIRSE Guidelines on very important topics:

Cirse Quality Assurance Document and Standards for Classification of Complications: The Cirse Classification System
Filippiadis, D.K., Binkert, C., Pellerin, O. et al.

CIRSE Guidelines on Percutaneous Needle Biopsy (PNB)
Veltri, A., Bargellini, I., Giorgi, L. et al.

CIRSE Guidelines on Percutaneous Vertebral Augmentation
Tsoumakidou, G., Too, C.W., Koch, G. et al.

CIRSE Guidelines on Percutaneous Ablation of Small Renal Cell Carcinoma
Krokidis, M.E., Orsi, F., Katsanos, K. et al.

Lastly, thanks to your efforts, CVIR is still on the rise; it continues to feature high-quality manuscripts from all around the world. To support our goal of covering the ever-growing spectrum of interventional radiology, I strongly encourage you to submit your work to CVIR. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Kind regards,

Prof. Klaus Hausegger
CVIR Editor-in-Chief