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CVIR operates on a limited yearly page budget and therefore cannot extend the space available for all articles on COVID-19 which were received in April and May 2020. Nevertheless, our editors believe that every information that could be a potential life-saver should be made public for the sake of patients as each article might not bring an entirely new information to the table, but it could be of use for our IR colleagues for a particular treatment. 


Therefore we have made this page available for all articles which did not make it into a CVIR issue, but are still a valuable piece of information.


This is just an example how it would look like: 




The G-quadruplex/helicase world as a potential antiviral approach against COVID-19

Author names  - This link is real. It is a paper that someone uploaded to the online repository, and everyone can access, share and cite it. This is how papers would look like.


Trans-Catheter Local Delivery of Therapeutics to the Lungs for Severe or Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients

Author names


Heparin related major bleeding in Covid-19 positive patient: perspective from the Italian outbreak

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