Scientific Writing Workshop

Speaker Information and Conflict of interest

CVIR and CVIR Endovascular Speakers

CVIR Editor-in-Chief Klaus Hausegger, Klagenfurt/AT

CVIR Section Editor for Embolisation, Tiago Bilhim, Lisbon/PT

CVIR Endovascular Editor-in-Chief Jim Reekers, Amsterdam/NL

CVIR Regional Editor, Refaat Salman, Riyadh/SA

CVIR Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Raman Uberoi, Oxford/GB

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CVIR Section Editor for Non-Vascular and current Standards of Practice chair, Laura Crocetti, Pisa/IT

Guest Speaker: Dr. John Carpenter


Dr. John Carpenter was formerly a Lecturer in Pharmacology at the University of Manchester, and now has some 30 years’ experience as a Medical Writer and Trainer. He is a member of the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), and was a contributor to the EMWA guidelines for peer-reviewed medical papers. He contributes regularly to EMWA training workshops.


He will be joined by renowned faculty from CVIR and CVIR Endovascular, who will give presentations on topics ranging from reporting guidelines to how to not irritate your peer-reviewers (and editors!). The workshop programme will be published shortly.