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Founded in 1978 by Professors Herbert L. Abrams and Eberhard Zeitler,

CVIR is the longest-running journal in the field of vascular and interventional radiology.



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Visual abstracts

Optimize your article with the new feature in CVIR! Submit a visual abstract of your paper in addition to the textual abstract, to highlight your research and findings. All article types are eligible, with the exception of editorials, letters to the editor and commentaries. Click here to download the template. 


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New! SOP on Oesophageal and Gastroduodenal Stenting

This SOP document provides up-to-date recommendations for the safe performance of upper gastrointestinal stent placement.

Many thanks to Athanasios Diamantopoulos and the entire writing group for creating this important document! It is published open access. Enjoy it and pass it on to your colleagues!


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Editor's Choice: May 2023

Low dose is equally good! Outcomes from data extracted from the LANDMARK registry on 477 patients did not reveal any difference in clinical outcomes at two years between low and high dose paclitaxel coated balloons for the treatment of femoropopliteal lesions. However, no data on mortality and major amputation was presented.  


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Editor's Choice May 2023

Read this interesting commentary regarding the contradictory data from the comparison between high and low dose paclitaxel coated balloons. 


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Special section on radioembolisation

CVIR's latest special section was curated by guest editors Professors Laura Crocetti and Thierry de Baère.

Professors Crocetti and de Baère commissioned nine articles, which they say in their introduction editorial "cover the most recent knowledge and scientific evidence about radioembolization technique, patient selection and clinical outcomes."


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Medical devices in Europe

CIRSE fully supports a new regulatory framework for medical devices that ensures that only safe and effective devices enter or remain on the European market.


However, considering potential risks linked to the legal transition in progress, the society urges all stakeholders to take actions that will allow the avoidance of negative consequences for patients and ensure the continuous availability of devices.


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Guidelines for reporting on studies

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