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Founded in 1978 by Professors Herbert L. Abrams and Eberhard Zeitler,

CVIR is the longest-running journal in the field of vascular and interventional radiology.



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"CIRSE Standards of Practice on Conducting Meetings on Morbidity and Mortality"

by Joo-Young Chun, Arindam Bharadwaz, Jimmy Kyaw Tun, Tiago Bilhim, Carla Gonzalez-Junyent & Bhavin Kawa


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Editor's Choice: June 2021

Microspheres for knee osteoarthritis: satisfactory interim results from this study on 38 patients that underwent genicular artery embolization for mild to moderate osteoarthritis with significant improvement of the visual analogue pain score at one year and limited complications.


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This special section is dedicated to radiation protection, curated by Prof. Werner Jaschke (Medical University of Innsbruck, AT) and written by groups of experts on the topic.


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Stereotactic Percutaneous Electrochemotherapy as Primary Approach for Unresectable Large HCC at the Hepatic Hilum.


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