Open choice

Publishing open access makes your work freely, immediately and permanently available online for everyone, worldwide.


Authors, readers and funders, all benefit from publishing open access:

  • Authors: as an author your work reaches a wider readership, therefore the visibility of your work increases
  • Readers: as a reader you will have full access to the latest research and will enhance your knowledge on the most recent developments in the field
  • Funders: as a funder the work you endorse will be accessible to everyone in all corners of the world.


Springer's Transformative Agreements enable participating institutions to combine journal subscription access along with OA publication costs (APCs).

In addition to managing the cost and administration of OA, Transformative Agreements offer authors an easy way to comply with funders’ OA requirements.

If your institution has a Transformative Agreement, you may publish in CVIR your article OA with your fees covered. Check if your institution is included in the agreement:



If you are an author with a different membership than the ones listed above, please note that the article processing charge (APC) for publishing open access in CVIR is 3060 EUR / 3860 USD / 2560 GBP net.


Find out more on open access at Springer's website.