Special section videos

In order to offer an in-depth look at the latest special section in CVIR, the journal started interviewing guest editors and authors of selected articles in each special section to highlight some of the key issues covered and give a preview to readers.


Special Section on MSK

Guest Editor, Prof. Julien Garnon

In his article, Mastering musculoskeletal interventions: CVIR’s newest special issue, Prof. Julien Garnon outlines the content of the latest CVIR Special Section on MSK. You can find all the articles from the special section here.


In this video, he explains how there is so much research in the growing field of MSK and how the special section addresses three key areas of interest: bone stabilization, interventional oncology, and degenerative disease.

Dr. William Clark

Dr. William Clark spoke to us about the evidence on early vertebroplasty and how in Early Vertebroplasty for Severely Painful Acute Osteoporotic Compression Fractures: A Critical Review of the Literature, he found that the evidence was not as mixed as it seems when accounting for patient characteristics.


In this video, he outlines the clinical utility of this procedure while emphasizing that the patient group should be carefully considered, as there is a short window of opportunity for the procedure and he advocates for patients who could receive life changing care.

Prof. Mark Little

Prof. Mark Little went into more depth on the review article, Musculoskeletal Embolotherapy, which he contributed to the special section.


In this video, he discussed the different applications and where future research can be focused. He also offered some advice for how to move forward by providing more robust data and working with others in the IR community to build experience with these procedures. 

Dr. Salem Bauones

Dr. Bauones spoke to us about the paper, Clinical Applications of PRP: Musculoskeletal Applications, Current Practices and Update. In the video, he describes how platelet rich plasma (PRP) as a treatment has garnered significant attention, and in the review article, he and co-authors offer a comprehensive understanding of the development of this approach.


The article highlights the current research on and evidence supporting the use of regenerative medicine, including platelet-rich plasma, such as where it can best be utilized, with a focus on musculoskeletal interventions.

Interested in reading all the articles from CVIR's Special Section on MSK? You can find them all here. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next special section in 2024!