Commentaries on locoregional challenges in IR

an international perspective

Check out the recently published commentaries on locoregional challenges and perspectives for IR practice from around the globe. The article series was put together by Dr. Tiago Bilhim, CVIR Section Editor.



Old IR Challenges: It’s Time for Common Views and Actions!

(editorial introducing the series)
Roberto Luigi Cazzato, Julien Garnon & Afshin Gangi

IR in Japan
Toshihiro Iguchi & Koichiro Yamakado

Interventional Radiology: Tradition or Evolution?
Sara Protto & Niko Sillanpää

Challenges of Interventional Radiology in Brazil!
Vinícius Adami Vayego Fornazari & Joaquim Motta

Perspectives/Challenges on IR Practice in India
Sanjiv Sharma & Kartik P. Ganga