CVIR Activities at ET 2024

CVIR Instant feedback

CVIR Editors are happy to give authors feedback and advice on how to improve their paper before submitting it to CVIR. The CVIR Instant Feedback at ET 2024 was hosted by Editor-in-Chief Klaus Hausegger and CVIR Deputy Editor-in-Chief Raman Uberoi.


The next CVIR Instant feedback will take place at CIRSE 2024!

CVIR challenge

Another great CVIR Challenge took place at ET 2024.

Thank you to all participants and congratulations to Dr. Gjataj who won a free registration for CIRSE 2024!

CVIR workshop for best rated abstract presenters – from presentation to publication

By invitation only!

At CIRSE congresses throughout the year, CVIR editors host exclusive sessions offered only to researchers whose submitted abstracts have received especially high ratings. The workshop provides participants with practical tips and tricks on how to successfully write and submit paper to CVIR based on their presentation at the congress. 


Participation is by invitation only to allow space for individual feedback, in-depth discussions and valuable engagement from participants. 


On the occasion of ET 2024, the CVIR workshop for best rated abstract presenters was hosted by CVIR Editor-in-Chief Klaus Hausegger and CVIR Section Editors Tiago Bilhim, Laura Crocetti and Dimitrios Filippiadis. 

the CVIR booth

At the CVIR booth you can pick up your free CVIR print copy and ask any questions you might have on how to publish your paper or become a reviewer for CVIR.

We look forward to seeing you at CIRSE 2024!

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