reviewer fraud

A Note Regarding Fraudulent Reviewers

CVIR Editors are aware of fake reviewers. Therefore, if you want to be a reviewer, please make sure to always use your institutional email address. 

“Fake” Peer Reviewers…

Reviewer fraud was recently discussed after the recent discovery of potential “fake” peer reviewers, who are often suggested by the submitting authors. These fake reviewers submit glowing reviews (sometimes with notable irregularities) in order to boost the manuscript’s potential for acceptance.

For reviews received by author-suggested and/or unknown reviewers, we rely on the experience and vigilance of our Editors to ensure that reviews remain consistent and include useful and helpful information. A thorough read-through of each reviewer’s comments is a necessity when considering reviews made by reviewers who have been recommended by authors, or when a review appears to be irregular or even confusing, Actually, a thorough read-through of every review is quite important!
Maintaining the Highest Quality

We all – as editors, reviewers, readers, and authentic authors – hold an appreciation for the high quality of information that CVIR maintains, and we all must continue to ensure progress in the field of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology by providing, appreciating, and acknowledging excellent, progressive, and original material.