CVIR Reviewer Workshop: December 14th 2021

→ Want to enhance your reviewing skills?

→ Curious how others approach their reviews?
→ New to reviewing and unsure where to start?


Join us on Tuesday, December 14th at 15:00 CET to learn from the best - both current reviewers and those new to CVIR are welcome!


Why join this workshop?

  • gain insights from Section Editor Tiago Bilhim & from two of CVIR's top reviewers, Dr. Marco Das and Dr. Ali Alsafi
  • join participants from around the globe to exchange perspectives on what makes a good review

Join the workshop at 15:00 CET using this link!


Reviewer Workshop 2021 Programme

Introduction and Moderation:

Editor-in-Chief Klaus Hausegger

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Raman Uberoi

Presentation on the Editor Perspective






Section Editor for Embolisation Dr. Tiago Bilhim will present on what editors look for in a good review and why reviewing is beneficial - not only for the journal or fellow researchers, but for yourself!

Presentations from the Perspective of CVIR's Top Reviewers

Dr. Marco Das and Dr. Ali Alsafi were both recognised for their stellar reviewing skills as CVIR Journal Award Winners in 2021 for Outstanding Service to the Journal for Most Reviews Carried Out, and we are thrilled to have them as speakers for this workshop.


They will present their approaches to reviewing and give insights into what makes high-quality reviews from their perspectives.

Dr. Marco Das, Duisburg/DE

Dr. Ali Alsafi, London/GB

CVIR Reviewer Workshop at IROS 2020


Reviewing is essential for all scientific publishing. CVIR’s editorial team is therefore very grateful for the more than 400 reviewers who share their knowledge by providing review comments for the journal. To help all contributors write even more concise and meaningful reports, Prof. Klaus Hausegger, CVIR Editor-in-Chief held a workshop at IROS 2020 for existing reviewers and physicians who would like to join the team.

He guided attendees through topics such as:
• How the CVIR review process works
• How to recognise the study type
• New reviewer templates
• How to write a structured review


Thank you to all participants!


Reviewer Workshop at cirse 2019


At CIRSE 2019, Klaus Hausegger (CVIR Editor-in-Chief) and Raman Uberoi (CVIR Deputy Editor-in-Chief) held their first workshop on best reviewing practices for the journal. Both existing and those interested in reviewing were invited to join. The workshop was well attended, with more than 70 people in attendance!


A few take home messages from the workshop:

  • Read the invitation to review carefully, look at the article type of the paper and read the abstract.
  • Reply to an invitation in a timely manner.
  • If the deadline is too short, please ask for an extension.
  • Reviewers can also include in their reply the time period in which they will be away and not able to review. If you are busy or the paper is not in your area of expertise, please decline.
  • If you cannot do the review yourself, recommend another colleague who might be able to.
  • The newly implemented reviewer template in Editorial Manager, tailored to the structure of each article type, helps reviewers make structured, detailed and objective comments.


A big thank you to all participants!


Click on the below document to view the slides presented during the workshop.



Reviewer Workshop at CIRSE 2019 - Presentation
CVIR Reviewer Workshop_Presentation.pdf
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