presented at cirse 2021 summit

FIRST@CIRSE – First data release on endovascular research


The PAD Day was back for a third time at the CIRSE 2021 Summit with session First@CIRSE featuring the latest data releases in the field. Read the reports from the latest studies:


Three-Year Results from the Venovo Venous Stent Study for the Treatment of Iliac and Femoral Vein Obstruction

Michael D. Dake, Gerard O’Sullivan, Nicolas W. Shammas, Michael Lichtenberg, Bibombe P. Mwipatayi & Richard A. Settlage for the VERNACULAR Trial Investigators


First Clinical Results of the Merit WRAPSODY™ Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis for Treatment of Access Circuit Stenosis in Haemodialysis Patients

James Gilbert, Jason Rai, David Kingsmore, John Skousen & Nikolaos Ptohis